Education philosophy

We believe that children are active learners who learn best through a controlled shifting between activities that are initiated by their interest, and those that are guided by our teachers, who will support children’s learning by addressing the following subjects incorporated within our curriculum.

  • Language and Literacy Development

  • Mathematics

  • Science and Technology

  • Physical Development

  • Social Emotional Development

  • Creativity Arts and Expression

  • Foreign Language (Spanish)

  • Baby Sign Language

Our teachers and staff take great pride in providing a nurturing environment for learning readiness, where children can prepare for academic achievement and lifelong success. My First Academy is a strong believer that quality educational childcare and family involvement are key elements in a child’s development. You will receive daily information from our teachers outlining your child’s activities and routines. This ongoing communication will allow you to reinforce any skills at home with your child through tips and ideas provided by our staff.


Infant Classroom
(6 weeks old to 12 months)

The teachers in the infant program provide your child with a loving, nurturing atmosphere that encourages exploring and bonding with others. For the highest security and your peace of mind, we adhere to strict standards for safety and sanitation throughout the classroom and outdoor play areas.


Toddler Classroom
(12 months old to 2 years old)

Children thrive in our program while enjoying creative play and interaction in an environment that builds visual and verbal development, physical development, and artistic expressive fun. Young children really learn when they are actively involved in play. There will be art projects or activities during outside time that your child’s teacher has planned to be fun and (at times) even messy! Please note that there is a difference between “messy” and “lack of care.” Your child will be introduced to new skills to develop their fine motor skills, and messy fun things because that’s how young children learn. Smocks will be used for art projects, but this does not ensure 100% that he/she will not get “dirty.” As we know, children often get excited during art time!


Early Preschool Classroom
(2 years old to 3 years old)

In the Early Preschool Classroom, your child is gently guided in making the transition from individual to group interaction, an important part of development where he or she starts learning to share and develop social skills.The toys and equipment in the Early Preschool classroom have been carefully selected for safety and to meet the developmental needs of the specific age of the children in the class.


Preschool Classroom
(3 years by September 1st and fully potty trained)

The Preschool classroom provides children with experiences that shape his or her positive attitude toward learning. Your child will learn verbal expression with an emphasis on conversation, asking questions and building vocabulary. The Daily Lesson Plan posted outside of the classroom will provide detailed information regarding daily classroom activities.


Pre-Kindergarten Classroom – VPK
(4 years old by September 1st)

Students find fun and excitement each day as they learn to take turns, solve problems, express new ideas, respect differences, and resolve conflicts. The Curriculum and Programming of this class is a daily blend of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities with a strong focus on character development. The Daily Lesson Plan posted outside of the classroom will provide detailed information regarding daily classroom activities.